Vascular Graft Division (Terumo Aortic)

Vascular Graft Division

Terumo Aortic

Excellent technological synergy to bring patients optimal aortic treatment

Terumo Aortic is the group’s vascular business, providing products including surgical grafts and stent grafts that are used by surgeons and interventional radiologists to treat patients with aortic disease, which includes thoracic and abdominal aneurysms and aortic conditions such as dissection. The company has a comprehensive product portfolio contributing to help save the lives of many patients in over 90 countries. Future plans include the development of products utilizing digital technology to deliver products optimized for individual patients, as Terumo Aortic continues the development of innovative and unique products to treat complex aortic pathologies.


How do we treat aortic disease?

Aortic aneurysm and dissection can lead to a life-threatening rupture and malperfusion of the aorta; suitable treatment with a surgical graft or implantation of a stent graft can help save a patient's life. There is also a hybrid treatment option which is a combination of surgical and endovascular procedures.