TIS Division (Terumo Interventional Systems)

Pursuing Therapies that Minimize Physical Burden on Patients

Transradial Intervention (TRI) is the catheterization procedure performed to diagnose and treat arterial disease through a blood vessel in the wrist.

Terumo is a pioneer in the area of Transradial Intervention which helps patients improve their quality of life with early ambulation after angioplasty, optimize costs with early discharge for hospitals and improve patient outcomes for healthcare physicians.

TRY The TRI Program is an educational and scientific skill development initiative of Terumo, designed to apply a practical, clinically oriented learning approach in Transradial Intervention.

The program features experienced transradial operators at an identified Transradial Center of Excellence and focuses on teaching basic and advanced techniques in transradial angiography and to the fraternity interventional cardiologist.



  • Modular training program, based on a learning curve at designated Center of Excellence - with emphasis on best Practices for Transradial Intervention
  • Designed for interventionalist seeking to gain confidence in performing percutaneous coronary procedures via the radial approach
  • Highlight clinical, economical, and quality-of-life benefits of using radial over femoral access

Program highlights

  • Specific techniques and maneuvers and equipment selection to perform successful transradial intervention in both simple and complex cases
  • Describes how to optimally manage specific complications while performing transradial procedures
  • Integrate all aspects of the transradial approach into daily clinical practice in order to improve efficiency, performance, and referrals