Specialty Catheters

  • Aspiration Catheter

    A fast and simple solution for effective thrombus aspiration
    Eliminate is an innovative aspiration catheter designed to offer a balance between crossing performance, kink resistance and thrombus-aspiration capability.

    • ​Dedicated tip design with radiopaque marker
    •  Excellent crossability1 while providing atraumatic and effective aspiration
    •  Ensures reliable fluoroscopic visibility
    •  Braided shaft with hydrophilic coating and pre-loaded stiffening stylet2
    •  Excellent pushability and kink resistance1
    •  Easy navigation through tortuous anatomies
    •  Large aspiration lumen
    •  Constant, high-performance aspiration throughout the procedure
    •  Choice of three sizes (6 Fr, 7 Fr and 8 Fr guide catheter compatibility) for different coronary and peripheral applications

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  • PTCA Guiding Catheter

    Climber™ represents the ideal combination of dedicated hydrophilic coating, large inner lumen and passive back-up support.

    Benefits of selective hydrophilic coating and passive back-up support you can trust
    •  Frictionless insertion even in tortuous or calcified anatomy.
    •  Reduced risk of spasm in TRI procedures.
    •  Tactile, one-to-one torque control of the tip.

    Trust its passive back-up support
    •  Encapsulated, high-strength, flat braiding provides high kink resistance, pushability and reliable back-up support.
    •  Polyamide outer shaft material enhances shape retention and results in minimal temperature softening during complex procedures.
    •  Distal, 7 cm uncoated section ensures good grip at the ostium and contralateral wall support.

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  • Micro Catheter

    Designed for success in complex procedures
    FineCross MG microcatheter integrates crossability and guidewire support to treat challenging cases, involving tortuous vessels, CTO, bifurcations, highly stenosed and calcified lesions.

    •  Crossability Hydrophilic coating and flexible distal segment to enable advancement and access through distal tortuous vessels. 
    •  Tapered inner and outer diameters, from 2.6Fr to 1.8 Fr over the entire length. 

    Guidewire support
    •  Fully stainless-steel braided shaft for responsiveness, lumen integrity, and pushability 
    •  PTFE inner layer for guidewire handling to facilitate exchange wire during complex procedures. 

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