Terumo brings solutions of value to medical settings through three companies and eight businesses.

Currently, the Terumo Group includes three companies and eight businesses that operate in over 160 countries and regions around the world, providing patients, a variety of medical settings, and the pharmaceutical industry with over 50,000 products and services. The Terumo mission includes not only bringing patients more effective and less burdensome treatments, but also providing medical professionals with safety and peace of mind so they can focus on giving care and supporting the research that will create future healthcare. We face and work to understand the problems of medical settings so we can provide new value.

Cardiac and Vascular Company

Realizing minimally invasive treatments in vascular intervention and cardiac surgery.

The businesses of the Cardiac and Vascular Company involve the heart and lungs, which are basic to human life, and treatment of blood vessel diseases throughout the body. They provide interventional devices, which enable treatment by accessing blood vessels through a catheter to treat regions of the body including the heart and brain; oxygenators and heart-lung machines that sustain life in place of the heart and lungs during cardiac surgery; and surgical grafts and stent grafts that replace blood vessels damaged by disease. Each business of the company strives to bring about better treatment efficacy and reduce the burdens of patients while raising their quality of life.

Medical Care Solutions Company (Terumo Medical Care Solutions)

Contributing to better patient care and transformation toward “yasashii*” medical care for everyone involved.

As populations age, more patients require healthcare, and the number of patients with multiple or chronic illnesses is increasing, leading to higher healthcare expenditures. In addition, the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic raised awareness of the importance of infection control. And as technology progresses, the need increases for individualized medicine tailored to each patient.

To meet the diverse and complex needs of medical settings, we leverage our cultivated strengths to provide enhanced solutions that contribute to better patient care and healthcare transformation towards realizing friendly healthcare for everyone involved.