Managing Director

Shishir Agarwal

Terumo India Private Limited is committed to our global corporate mission of 'Contributing to Society through Healthcare' and strive daily to promote access of our high-quality devices to Indian patients and medical practitioners. We collaborate with our customers and academic partners to respond to India’s health system requirements by leveraging Terumo Corporation's 100+ years old legacy of serving healthcare needs across the world.

We have an expanding field force and distribution network including several acclaimed academic and skill enhancement programmes through Terumo India Skill Lab (established in 2018) and eTISL (established in 2020).

We are already in the era of 100-year life spans. Taking this in view and backed by our 100-year legacy of quality and technology, Terumo’s unwavering commitment to the world is to create the future by pioneering new frontiers to advance healthcare and enhance patients’ quality of life.

In India, we have made it our mission to bring new value to the ever-changing medical settings, and to patients who await vital care. We aim to continuously support and safeguard the precious lives of patients and their loved ones through our products and services, our educational programmes, and various CSR activities.

Firmly committed to our slogan of 'Associate Spirit', we drive enablement of our Associates' abilities to contribute meaningfully to our customers and their patients.

We are resolved to building value for the future of Indian healthcare.