Terumo's Purpose

TERUMO’s Purpose
Advancing Healthcare and Enhancing Patients’ Quality of Life

Terumo advances healthcare based on reliable quality and technology developed with deep insight of the medical environment.Through these efforts, we contribute to saving the lives of patients, reducing their difficulties, and helping them lead a better life.


Message from Management

Healthcare around the world is about to undergo a sea change.

In an era of 100-year life spans, patients who need care will also want to enjoy high quality of life throughout. In medical settings, sustainable systems will be vital in balancing the advancement of healthcare with economic efficiency.

At the same time, we are seeing incredible leaps in technology. Utilizing new technologies will be indispensable in finding solutions to healthcare needs.

“How can we contribute to global healthcare while looking 10 years ahead?”

As we celebrated our 100th founding anniversary last year, we reconfirmed our Purpose.

Building on our base of rock-solid quality, we maximize the latest technology toward advancement of healthcare in order to support each patient’s precious life. This has been the unchanging commitment of Terumo since its founding, as it has advanced along with healthcare. And it’s the job that society expects us to do. That’s why we are committed to delivering solutions of value to society, along with our many stakeholders.

“Advancing healthcare and enhancing patients’ quality of life.”

Let us join together in pioneering tomorrow's healthcare.

Shinjiro Sato
President and CEO