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Message from the Managing Director

Terumo India Private Limited is committed to our global corporate mission of 'Contributing to Society through Healthcare' and strives every day to advance access of our high-quality devices to Indian patients and medical practitioners. We do this by leveraging Terumo Corporation's 98+ years old legacy of serving healthcare needs across the world.

We are highly responsive to India's health system skill requirements, and work continuously in close collaboration with our customers and our academic partners to contribute to skill enhancement.

Firmly committed to our slogan of 'Associate Spirit', we drive enablement of our Associates' abilities to contribute meaningfully to our customers and their patients.

As the heirs to the spirit of Dr.Shibasaburo Kitasato, one of the founders of Terumo Corporation, we are resolved to building value for the future of Indian healthcare.

    Shishir Agarwal

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